Statistical analysis of survey-based event history data with application to modeling of unemployment duration / Marjo Pyy-Martikainen

  • Longitudinal surveys are increasingly used to collect event history data on person-specific processes such as transitions between labour market states. Survey-based event history data pose a number of challenges for statistical analysis. These challenges include survey errors due to sampling, non-response, attrition and measurement.

    This study deals with non-response, attrition and measurement errors in event history data and the bias caused by them in event history analysis. The study also discusses some choices faced by a researcher using longitudinal survey data for event history analysis and demonstrates their effects. These choices include, whether a design-based or a model-based approach is taken, which subset of data to use and, if a design-based approach is taken, which weights to use.

    The study takes advantage of the possibility to use combined longitudinal survey register data. The Finnish subset of European Community Household Panel (FI ECHP) survey for waves 1-5 were linked at person-level with longitudinal register data.
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