Self-employed without employees in Finland 2013

  • The number of self-employed persons without employees has been growing quite steadily in Finland over the 2000s. In 2013 there were around 152 00 self-employed without employees in Finland. The publication summarise the results of the Self-employed without employees 2013 –survey. In this summary the labour market situation of this group is examined widely; for example path to self-employment, working conditions, income and social security issues are discussed among other things.
  • Ämnesområde: Arbetsmarknaden
  • Anknyter till statistiken om: Arbetskraftsundersökning
  • Datum: 4.5.2018
  • Språk: englanti
  • Utgivare: Tilastokeskus
  • Finlands officiella statistik: ei
  • Pris: maksuton
    • Publikationsform: pdf
    • ISSN(SVT): 2323-1998