Finland in a nutshell

  • 2.6 million men and 2.7 million women
  • 514 persons aged 100 or over
  • EUR 54 billion central gorvernment debt
  • 338,000 persons in part-time employment
  • 2.7 million passenger cars
  • 313,000 traffic infractions
  • 320 cinema halls...

Statistics Finland's Finland in Figures is a pocket-size compact 40-page information package about Finland and Finns. The publication provides key data on population, economy, living conditions, manufacturing and culture in the form of statistics and graphics. International comparison data are also included.

Finland in Figures is easy to read and its small size makes it handy to carry with you. Be prepared for when you need information about Finland both at home and abroad, at work and in your private life.

Finland in Figures 2009 pocket statistics are available in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.

The data included in the pocket statistics are also available online in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and French.

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Last updated 5.6.2009