Women and Men in Finland 2011

In 2010, 67 per cent of Finnish entrepreneurs were men and 33 per cent women. Of female employees 18.5 per cent had a fixed-term and 19.1 per cent a part-time employment relationship, while among male employees 12.4 per cent were fixed-term and 8.4 per cent part-time employees.

This information can be found in Statistics Finland's publication Women and Men in Finland 2011, which contains statistical data on the position of women and men in society and on gender equality. This pocket-size information package contains a compilation of statistics describing family, education, working life, health, time use and social decision-making.

The publication Women and Men in Finland comes out at two-year intervals.

Women and Men in Finland 2011. Statistics Finland. 117 pages; price EUR 8.
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Last updated 1.3.2012