Celebration for the entire country

Suomi 100, Leena Koskela

The centenary of independent Finland is a celebration for the entire nation. The celebration is compiled and coordinated by the Finland 100 project of the Prime Minister's Office, but the celebration is made together with many people, organisations and associations.

The suomifinland100.fi website established in honour of the centenary presents Finland and the centenary events. The website also describes how Finns feel about the centenary and how it is celebrated. This information is collected in connection with Statistics Finland’s data collection for the Consumer Survey.

September 2015: Finns’ expectations concerning the centenary year

September 2016 Tietoisuus juhlavuodesta reippaassa kasvussa syyskuussa 2016 (in Finnish)

November 2016: Over 400,000 Finns already involved in preparing for the centennial year

Findicator – depicting the development of society

Statistics Finland have together with producers of statistical data produced the Findicator service that presents Finnish society through statistical graphs and texts. Findicator is an easy way to find information about, for example, Finland’s population changes.

100 acts for gender equality – togetherwww.tasaarvo100.fi

Statistics Finland is involved in the 100 acts for gender equality project that is part of the programme of the centenary of Finland’s independence, which takes concrete actions to enhance gender equality.

Statistics Finland participates in the project by improving the availability and visibility of statistical data concerning gender equality. Statistics Finland is committed to developing particularly the data content of the thematic pages on gender equality and the retrievability of gender equality data.

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Statistical data on gender equality