News 11.6.2014

Finland and Finns in the main focus of the 2014 Apps4Finland challenges

Statistics Finland is making Finland and Finns the theme for the challenges of this year's Apps4Finland competition. With this theme, Statistics Finland wants to prepare for upcoming jubilee years: its own 150th anniversary next year and the 75th anniversary of Finland's independence in 2017.

Long population time series dating as far back as the 18th century offer countless opportunities for different ideas and applications. The data are available in the open StatFin database and they will also later be published as a database table that can be used through an interface. Those interested in recent history can in turn delve into population census data and small-area population data available in the Paikkatietoikkuna (so-called Inspire data).

A more detailed description of the challenges related to population statistics will be released in August.

Statistics Finland continues to open up data and develop open interfaces. The first statistical data by map grids that were published in the Paikkatietoikkuna last year have been updated in May.  During June, the data are supplemented with data on road traffic accidents. In addition, opening up of data by postal code is being prepared during the year.

Statistics Finland is an organising partner in the Apps4Finland competition

Statistics Finland has been involved in arranging the Apps4Finland competition since 2012. Participation in the organisation of the competition is part of the work Statistics Finland is doing to increase the use and influence of statistics in society.  

Apps4Finland is an open data innovation competition that encourages to develop new ways to utilise open databases. The competition has four main categories in which one can participate with applications, data openings, visualisations and ideas. The competition goes on until 3 November 2014.

This year, the Apps4Finland competition is arranged for the sixth time. The main organisers of the competition are Forum Virium Helsinki, Open Knowledge Finland ry and the Finnish Association for Online Democracy.

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