Eurostat and Statistics Finland International Conference on
"Comparative EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions:
Issues and Challenges"

Helsinki, 6-7 November 2006

Statistics Finland
Auditorium - 2nd Floor
Työpajakatu 13
Helsinki, Finland

Starting time: Monday, 6 November at 9.00
Finishing time: Tuesday, 7 November at 13.00.

There will be no general distribution of papers at the venue. Please print out the papers you wish to have.

Monday, 6 November 2006

Registration: 8.00-8.45

1. Opening address and general presentation of EU-SILC (Chair: Ralf Jacob, European Commission) - (9.00 -10.30)

Tea & Coffee break (10.30-11.00)

2. Session on "Income measurement in EU-SILC" (Chair: Tony Atkinson, Oxford University, UK) - First part - (11.00 -12.15)

EU-SILC and recommendations of the "Expert Group on Household Income Statistics"

Lunch break (12.15-13.30)

3. Session on "Income measurement in EU-SILC" (Chair: Tony Atkinson, Oxford University, UK) - Second part - (13.30 -15.45)

EU-SILC and welfare measurement

EU-SILC complex income components

Tea & Coffee break (15.45-16.15)

4. Session on "Non-Income dimensions in EU-SILC" (Chair: Eric Marlier, CEPS/INSTEAD Research Institute, Luxembourg) - (16.15 -18.30)

Closing of session at 18.30, followed by a social event

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

5. Session on "Data quality and comparability in EU-SILC" (Chair: Lucile Olier, Statistics France (INSEE), France) - (9.00 -10.30)

Tea & Coffee break - (10.30-11.00)

6. Session on "EU-SILC to be used for national and comparative EU monitoring of some key aspects of social protection and social inclusion" (chaired by Anne Clémenceau, EUROSTAT, European Commission) - (11.00 -12.40)

  • Feedback from sessions on "Income measurement in EU-SILC", "Non-Income dimensions in EU-SILC"
    and "Data quality and comparability in EU-SILC" by session chairs (15 minutes)
  • Using the EU-SILC for policy simulation: prospects, some limitations and some suggestions (updated 3.11.2006)
    (F. Figari - H. Levy - H. Sutherland - University of Essex, United Kingdom - 20') (Slides)
  • Interventions by panellists (40 minutes) (questions):
        European Commission : Ralf Jacob, DG EMPL
        Indicators Sub-Group of the social protection committee: David Stanton, ISG chair (Slides)
        OECD representative: Michael Förster
        Academic experts:
                     István Tóth (TÁRKI Institute, Hungary) (Slides)
                     Bea Cantillon (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
  • 25 minutes Q/A.

7. Conclusions by Michel Glaude (EUROSTAT, European Commission) - 20'

End of Conference at 13.00


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