Eurostat and Statistics Finland International
Conference and Methodological Workshop

"Comparative EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions:
Issues and Challenges"
(Helsinki, 6-8 November 2006)

Instruction for authors - final paper

Final papers should be submitted in English by 31st of December to guillaume.osier@ec.europa.eu in Microsoft Word format.

Conference and review papers should be a maximum of 10 pages long and 5 pages for short presentations. Please follow the following instructions when preparing your paper.

A template (in Microsoft Word format) is provided in annex

1. Fonts

The font for papers is Times New Roman.

2. Margins and spacing

Margins should be 2.54 cm on top, bottom, left and right.

Spacing should be single, except when formulae dictate otherwise (in such cases, use 11/4 or 11/2 spacing).

3. Title

The title page should include the title and the name, affiliation and address to each of the authors.

An abstract (maximum of 150 words) should briefly outline the paper. Acknowledgments can be placed thereafter.

4. Sections and sub-sections

Sections are numbered and centred in bold after two blank lines. Sub-sections may be used and are numbered in bold starting at left margin. Text should be justified both left and right.

5. Tables, Figures, and Diagrams

A table should be numbered and entitled. Figures and diagrams should be numbered as well and have a title, legend, and clearly marked axes.

6. Mathematics

Equations cited in the text should appear in italics and be numbered. All other symbols should appear in italics.

7. References

References in the text should be fully cited and arranged alphabetically by author (and chronologically within author) using the following formats:

A Journal Article

Little, R. J. A. (1988), "Missing-Data Adjustments in Large Surveys", Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 6, pp. 287-296.

An Article or Chapter That Is Part of an Edited Volume

Archer, D. (1995), "Maintenance of Business Registers", in B. G. Cox et al. (eds.) Business Survey Methods, New York: Wiley, pp. 85-100.

A Book

Kish, L. (1965), Survey Sampling, New York: Wiley.

A Proceedings Article

Pierzchala, M. (1990), "A Review of Three Editing and Imputation Systems", Proceedings of the Survey Research Methods Section, American Statistical Association, pp. 111-120.

An Unpublished Paper

Särndal, C.-E., and B. Swensson (1985), "A General View of Estimation from Subsampled Data Sets", unpublished report, Stockholm, Sweden: Statistics Sweden.

An Unpublished Paper Presented at a Conference

Scheuren, F. (1989), "Statistical Research Problems in Government", paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada, Ottawa, Canada.

Last updated 16.10.2006