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IASS Satellite Conference on Small Area Estimation

Riga, Latvia, 20-21 August, 1999

First Announcement and Call for Papers

The Satellite Conference on Small Area Estimation will follow the ISI session in Helsinki. It is intended to cover aspects of both theoretical background in small area estimation and practical application of different estimation methods for small area statistics. This includes sample design for small area statistics (national experiences), new developments in the field of estimation for small area statistics and successful applications of small area estimation techniques, including those that use data from administrative systems. Small area statistics is a subject of great interest in many countries. Several statistical agencies in Western countries have introduced vigorous programmes to meet this new demand, with a view toward producing efficient and high quality statistics. Several international conferences and seminars have been organised in the last years and others are yet to be organised. Furthermore, significant research on both the theoretical and practical aspects of small area estimation is conducted at various universities and some national statistical offices.

The Conference is organised on the initiative of the Baltic countries, and is aimed at improving knowledge transfer of new methods. The proceedings of the Conference should be of interest to all statisticians working in this field – but it is of particular interest for the economies in transition in Central and Eastern European countries and the former Soviet Union countries, where complete reporting and complete statistical investigations are to be replaced or have been replaced with sample surveys, the production of reliable small area statistics has emerged as a pressing and frequently difficult and costly problem.

The conference proceedings will be opened by Dr. Danny Pfeffermann, who will provide an overview of the New Developments in Small Area Estimation. Initial plans also include holding a one day Short Course on Small Area Estimation immediately preceding the Conference, in order to allow some participants to acquire the basic knowledge that would allow them to appreciate fully the proceedings of the conference.

The meeting is sponsored by the International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS), the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSBL), and the University of Latvia (UL).

The members of the International Programme Committee are: Ödon Éltetö (Hungary), Wayne A. Fuller (USA), Jan Kordos (Poland, chair), John Kovar (Canada), Juris Krumins (Latvia), Janis Lapins (Latvia), Danny Pfeffermann (Israel), Richard Platek (Canada), J.N.K. RAO (Canada), Carl-Erik Särndal (Canada), Dennis Trewin (Australia) and Janusz Wywial (Poland).

Abstracts of proposed papers should include full information on authors and their affiliations, and the contact address (including e-mail and fax) and a text of 200-300 words. The deadline for submission is October 31, 1998. Earlier submissions are encouraged and notifications of acceptance will be sent out as soon as possible. Acceptance is conditional on the attendance of the meeting by at least one of the authors. Abstract should be submitted, preferably via e-mail (in ASCII or WORD 6.0), or by fax or by mail to:

Jan Kordos
Al. Niepodleglosci 208
00 – 925 Warsaw

Fax: (00 – 48 – 22) 8250395

Or to any other member of the Programme Committee.

It is the intention of the Programme Committee to publish the papers presented at the Conference in a special Proceedings of the Conference issue. The papers may also be published in any journal after the Conference.

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