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Neural networks featured at the ISI99 conference

Wednesday's sessions at the world conference of the International Statistical Institute in Helsinki will include one dealing with neural networks. Professor Teuvo Kohonen from the Helsinki University of Technology will make a presentation on self-organising maps. The technique, developed by professor Kohonen, is utilised in examining extensive data files, analysing and controlling industrial processes and machinery, telecommunications tasks and biomedical applications. The method has also been used by the financing sector to forecast and analyse bankruptcies and companies' financial performances. The Finnish tax authorities employed it in the recent forest taxation review, which gave those liable to pay tax the possibility to choose from two ways of being taxed.

A total of 175 presentations will be made at the conference on Wednesday, on topics ranging between the globalisation of the economy and its statistical implications, statistical problems in the developing countries, urban cultural statistics, investment flow into Finland, effects of the Croatian war, classification of consumer credit customers, analysis of causal relationships, development of data collection methods and statistical education.

Thursday's sessions will cover such topics as health risk assessment, the informal sector in statistics and statistics on urban and rural areas.

Further information about the conference programme:
Jussi Melkas, tel. +358 9 1734 3200,
Virpi Viertola, tel. +358 50 568 7444,
Kristiina Niklander, tel. +358 50 373 6510

Short English abstracts at:

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