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Submission of Discussants' Papers

The Discussant's Paper may be written in any of the working languages of the ISI, i.e. English or French. The maximum length of the paper by an Invited Discussant is 2 pages. The paper written in English must have a summary in French, and vice versa.

You are encouraged to submit your paper by e-mail. However, the manuscripts reproduced or typewritten on white sheets of paper of size A4 are also accepted. Important: The most convenient way to submit a paper is to use an electronic form.

Detailed instructions for creating and formatting the manuscripts have been published in Information Bulletin No. 2 and can be found by clicking here.

The Length of Manuscripts

The maximum length of Discussants' papers is 2 pages. Longer manuscripts cannot be published.


The NOC will not edit the manuscripts - the manuscripts are published exactly in the form created by the authors. Therefore the authors should format the manuscripts according to the instructions given in Information Bulletin No. 2 and on the homepage of the 52nd ISI Session at

Please note that you can submit your paper by using an electronic form on the homepage. Ready-made style sheets or templates can be downloaded from the homepage.

Deadline for Discussants' papers

The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is September 15, 1999.

Addresses for Submission

Please do not use fax for submission of manuscripts!


The most convenient way to submit a paper is to use an electronic form.


All manuscripts submitted to the National Organising Committee (NOC) by mail should be directed to the following address.


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