Labour discrimination experienced by wage and salary earners in Finland

Description of the data collection

The labour discrimination report examines the manifestation of labour discrimination and what type of situations people perceive as labour discrimination. The report also aims at testing the functionality of the labour discrimination questions of the Quality of Work Life Survey and the functionality of the online survey in questionnaire testing. The data are collected with a questionnaire filled in online by the respondent. The labour discrimination survey also involves an interview that is carried out later with some of the survey respondents who give their consent to the interview.

From whom are data collected?

Wage and salary earners that responded to the 2013 Quality of Work Life Survey.

Data processing

Statistics Finland's employees are legally obliged to secrecy. The results of the survey are published as statistics and graphs, from which information given by individual respondents cannot be identified. Background information from administrative registers available to Statistics Finland are added to the survey data.

What are the data used for?

The results of the survey will be reported in articles during 2016 to 2017. The results will be utilised, for example, for developing the Quality of Work Life Survey and survey methods, and in scientific research.

How often are data collected?