Survey on Income and living conditions

Description of the data collection

Survey on income and living conditions collects data about Finnish households' income and living conditions. The survey collects data about, for example, the composition of households, the activities of the household members during the year, housing and housing costs, loans, economic livelihood and health.

From whom are data collected?

Annually some 10,000 households are interviewed for the survey on income and living conditions survey by telephone. In addition, data are derived from administrative registers available to Statistics Finland.

Data processing

The data about participants in the survey are treated as confidential and will be used only for statistical and scientific purposes.

What are the data used for?

The data are used to monitor and analyse households' economic livelihood and living conditions in public administration, organisations, research institutes and in the business world, both in Finland and abroad, in particular in EU countries. The data are used, for instance, the main source in the following statistics or research data:
- Income distribution statistics (Statistics Finland)
- European Survey on Income and Living Conditions EU-SILC (Eurostat)
- SISU microsimulation model

The data from the data collection are used in the following statistics:

How often are data collected?