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The data supplier unit in the statistics on manufacturing commodities is an enterprise or an establishment of an enterprise, whose main activity is manufacturing (B Mining and quarrying or C Manufacturing). Thus, even establishments of non-industrial enterprises engaged in industrial activity are included in the inquiry.

The enterprises and establishments of the inquiry on production have been selected so that the representativeness requirement imposed by the EU's PRODCOM Regulation, or at least 90 per cent of the production value of each manufacturing industry must be included in the statistics. Thus, information on manufacturing production is, as a rule, collected from all establishments of enterprises with at least ten persons. In addition, in some manufacturing industries the inquiry also includes some smaller establishments of enterprises in order to fulfil the EU's representativeness criteria. The frame of the inquiry, the targeted enterprises and the sample are described in more detail in the quality description of the statistics under 2. Methodological description of statistical survey (only in Finnish).

Data on materials and supplies, their purchases and total use are inquired with a separate form from all manufacturing establishments of enterprises with at least 20 persons. The material and supply data reported by data providers are not as comprehensive as production data anyway because the filling in instructions of material and supply data requests to report at least 80 per cent of purchases and 100 per cent of total use for the titles in which total use is inquired. So at least the most important materials and supplies used in production during the calendar year are collected from the units supplying the data.

Material and supply data are currently only collected for uneven statistical reference years starting from the statistical reference year 2013. Thus, the first statistical reference year that was skipped was 2014.

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  • Valid until (31 December 2078)
  • Data supply units are enterprises or their establishments where the principal activity is industry (C Mining and quarrying or D Manufacturing). Therefore establishments of non-manufacturing enterprises engaged in industrial activities are included in the inquiry.

    The establishments were selected to the inquiry so that the EU's representativeness criterion required by the PRODCOM regulation would be fulfilled, i.e. at least 90 per cent of the value of production in each economic activity should be included in the statistics. Therefore data on production are mainly collected from establishments with at least ten employees. In addition, in some economic activities the inquiry contains establishments of smaller enterprises to satisfy the EU's representativeness criterion. Data on materials and supplies are inquired from all establishments of enterprises with at least 20 employees.

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    • 1 January 1997 - 31 December 2007

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