Farmer household

Households where the cultivated area of the farm is over two hectare are counted as farmer households. A household is not considered a farmer household if the main source of income reported is renting of fields, compensation for reduction or cessation of agricultural production or if no income is derived from the farm. The share rented from others is included when calculating the area.

Farmer households are further divided into agricultural households and part-time agricultural households by the socio-economic group of the household. Agricultural households are such whose socio-economic group is self-employed person in agriculture. However, not all such self-employed households are counted in farmer households.

Based on interview data, the activity from which the highest income is gained is recorded as the main production line of the farm.

Statistics using the definition

Validity of the definition

  • 1 January 1995 - 31 December 2007

Source organisation

  • Tilastokeskus