Register description: Register of customer relationships

1. Controller of the register

Statistics Finland FI-00022 Statistics Finland, tel. +358 9 17341 Työpajankatu 13

2. Name of the register

Register of customer relationships

3. Purpose for the processing of the personal data

1. Management of customer relationships in accordance with Sub-paragraph 5, Paragraph 1, Section 8 of the Personal Data Act
2. Processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes or for other personalised mailing in accordance with Section 19 of the Personal Data Act
3. At the consent of the data subject in accordance with Sub-paragraph 1, Paragraph 1, Section 8 of the Personal Data Act

  • Feedback on the products and services of Statistics Finland
  • Registration as subscriber to the "email news notifications" service.

4. The data subjects and the contents of data on them (group/groups of data subjects and data or data groups relating to them)

Selection principles:

1. The data subject has a customer relationship with the controller of the register
2. The data subject has provided voluntary feedback under his/her own name 
3. The data subject has registered as subscriber to the "email news notifications" service
4. Contact persons of enterprises and authorities for the marketing and contact file,
(Sub-paragraph 3, Paragraph 1, Section 19 of the Personal Data Act)

Types of data:

  • Position/task in the organisation
  • The data subject's contact details at the establishment (e.g. address, telephone number, email address)
  • Feedback possibly provided by the data subject
  • The data subject's subscriptions (e.g. to "email news notifications" service)
  • Customers' order and invoicing details

Identification dat

  • Name.

5. Regular destinations of disclosed data and transfer of data to outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

Public disclosure and confidentiality of the data are determined by the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999). According to Paragraph 3 of Section 16 of the Act, unless specifically otherwise provided in law, access may be granted to personal data controlled by an authority in the form of a copy or a printout, or an electronic-format copy if the person requesting access has the right to record and use such data in accordance with legislation on the protection of personal data. However, access to personal data for purposes of direct marketing, polls or market research shall not be granted unless the data subject has consented to it.

6. Regular sources of data for the register

Register controller and register: Fonecta B2B

Own notifications of the data subjects

Other data sources:

  • Register controller's inquiry
  • Publications, e.g. telephone directories
  • Public registers
  • The media
  • Other published databases, such as information published by an organisation itself on the Internet.

7. Principles applied in the protection of the data in the register

The data in the register are protected according to the protection grade defined in Statistics Finland's guidelines concerning privacy and data security.

8. Approval of the register description

Statistics Finland, 4 September 2013

Heli Mikkelä Director,
Information Services


Last updated 4.9.2013