The Briefing Book with the programme and the list of delegates are to be found on the web pages of the Swedish Network B Secretariat: (a password from the Swedish Secretariat is required).

Monday 23 May
Tuesday 24 May
Wednesday 25 May

Monday 23 May 2005

Pre meeting in the planning group

A planning meeting with the working group leaders and the Finnish and the Swedish Network B Secretariats. This planning meeting is about technical arrangements, the time disposition of the Agenda and other questions before the plenary meeting.

Pre meetings in the working groups

Nearly all members have joined one or more working groups of Network B this spring and are invited to these informal pre meetings in the working groups. You don´ t have to announce your participation in advance. All members of Network B are recommended to take part in at least one of these working group meetings:

a) Continuing Education and Training
b) Supply of skills

c) Social outcomes of learning
d) Monitoring Transition Systems

Tuesday 24 May 2005

1. 09.00-10.40
Opening of the Plenary Meeting

1. Welcome (Mrs Riitta Harala, Statistics Finland)
2. The Finnish Education System (Mr Matti Kyrö, Finnish National Board of Education)
3. Adoption of the agenda (Dan Andersson)
4. Adoption of the minutes of the last meeting (Dan Andersson)
5. Update by OECD secretariat on the INES program (Alistair Nolan)
6. Objectives of the meeting (Dan Andersson)

10.40-11.00 Coffee break

2. 11.00-11.30
Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies and other relevant work

Information about the PIAAC programme and it´s relations to NwB
(Alistair Nolan)

3. 11.30-12.00
A cyclical Education at a Glance and greater use of the web

Information about a suggestion from the INES secretariat for a future cyclical EAG, development of the INES web site and it´s implications for Network B
(Alistair Nolan and Dan Andersson)

12.00-13.30 Lunch break

4. 13.30-14.40
Monitoring Transition System

Progress of the ongoing work and suggestions on future development work
(Roy Tjoa)

14.40-14.30 Coffee break

5. 15.00-16.00
Social outcomes of Learning

Progress of the ongoing work and suggestions on future development work
(Lisa Hudson)

16.00-16.10 Short break

6. 16.10-16.40
Supply of skills on the labour market

Progress of the ongoing work and suggestions on future development work
(Russell Schmieder)

7. 16.40-17.00
PISA follow ups

Progress of the ongoing work and suggestions on future development work
(Kjetil Digre)

19.00 Social Dinner

Hosted by the Ministry of Education of Finland

Wednesday 25 May 2005

8. 09.00-10.30
Continuing Education and Training

The progress of the ongoing work and suggestions on future development work
(Christian Krueger-Hemmer, Patrice de Broucker and Alistair Nolan)

10.30-10.50 Coffee break

9. 10.50-12.00
Economic outcomes of Education

1. Experiences from the work on dispersion of earnings by level of educational attainment in EAG 2005 and suggestions on improvements for EAG 2006
(Dan Sherman)
2. The OECD's ongoing work on returns to adult learning and possible implications for Network B
(Alistair Nolan)

12.00-13.30 Lunch break

10. 13.30-14.40
Work to be carried out for EAG 2006

The development work and the data collection to be carried out in Network B for the next EAG 2006
(Alistair Nolan and Kenny Petersson)

14.40-15.00 Coffee break

11. 15.00-16.00
Long term Strategy for Network B

Review and follow up of the Strategy paper
(Dan Andersson)

16.00-16.10 Short break

12. 16.10-17.00
Conclusions and Decisions

1. Summary of decisions made at the meeting (Dan Andersson)
2. Next meeting of Network B
3. Schedule of other meetings
4. Any other business

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