Published: 21 December 2016

Uusimaa managed to hold sway in 2015

According to Statistics Finland, 360,000 enterprises operated in Finland in 2015. The enterprises had a total of 392,000 establishments. Measured with the concept full-year employment, the establishments employed 1.4 million persons. Nearly one-third of establishments and nearly one-half of turnover in the whole country are concentrated in Uusimaa.

Uusimaa's share (%) of entrepreneurial activity in the whole country in 2015

Uusimaa's share (%) of entrepreneurial activity in the whole country in 2015

Gross value of output grew in construction and in information and communication

The production of establishments can be measured with the gross value of output. Besides turnover, the gross value of output includes all production output, such as production for own use and production for the enterprise’s other establishments. Additionally, the purchases of goods for resale are deducted from the profits of operating activities, so that operating activities only include the margin created by sales of goods for resale.

Formation of the gross value of output in manufacturing and trade in 2015

EUR million Manufacturing Trade
Turnover 120 144 117 563
Deliveries to other establishments within the enterprise 5 482 2 706
Production for own use 75 10
Other operating income 2 808 1 789
Change in inventories of commodities 306 30
Acquisition of merchandise -24 373 -88 376
Gross value of output 104 443 33 722

The combined gross value of output of establishments was EUR 275 billion in 2015. Of the regions around the largest cities, Uusimaa, Varsinais-Suomi and Satakunta produced slightly over one-half of the total. Output grew by EUR 1.3 billion from the previous year. Uusimaa contributed to the growth. Although output in manufacturing fell, output in Uusimaa continued growing on account of the growth figures of construction and information and communication.

Output in construction also grew in other regions, such as North Ostrobothnia, Varsinais-Suomi, Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Satakunta, Kymenlaakso and Lapland. Information and communication also grew in nearly all regions.

After excluding production costs 1) from the gross value of output, the value added of establishments totalled EUR 98 billion. Value added increased by EUR four billion from the previous year. The growth was influenced by considerably lower production costs than in the previous year. Value added in Uusimaa grew by EUR 2.8 billion, or 70 per cent of the value added growth in the whole country.

Development of key variables in the whole country and Uusimaa in 2014 to 2015

  Whole Country Change % Uusimaa Change %
Establishments 391 512 -1 110 058 0
Number of personnel 1 422 013 -1 520 939 0
Turnover, EUR billion 380 -1 179 -3
Gross value of output, EUR billion 275 0 114 1
Value added of output, EUR billion 98 4 41 7
Value added of output per person, EUR thousand 69 5 79 7

1) excl. personnel costs

Source: Regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity 2015, Statistics Finland

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