Published: 26 February 2015

EUR 47 million increase in the funding of research and development in the Government Budget 2015

The total appropriations and outlays for research and development will increase to EUR 2 billion in the Government Budget in 2015. According to Statistics Finland, R&D funding will increase by close on EUR 50 million from the previous year. The share of public research funding in gross domestic product is estimated to be 0.96 per cent.

The growth is based on increased outlays of the Academy of Finland and a new financial instrument for strategic research. The Academy of Finland's R&D funding grows by EUR 93 million. Simultaneously, the funding of the Ministry of Education and Culture is close on EUR 1.1 billion, which is 54 per cent of the Government's entire R&D funding. The amount of R&D funding awarded by Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation will, however, decrease by EUR 25 million.

The budget funding of R&D activities at the Natural Resources Institute Finland that started operating at the beginning of 2015 totals EUR 84 million, which is nearly as much as that of the recently incorporated VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland's largest research institute. As a result of mergers and structural reforms, the total volume of R&D funding of government research institutes will, however, decrease by EUR 48 million.

Government budget appropriations or outlays for R&D (GBAORD) in 2015

  R&D funding € million Share of R&D funding, % Change from 2014, € million Real change from 2014, %
R&D funding total 2 002,5 100,0 46,9 0,6
Main administrative branches (ministries)
Ministry of Education and Culture 1 090,0 54,4 103,6 8,6
Ministry of Employment and the Economy 617,5 30,8 -22,6 -5,2
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 94,7 4,7 0,3 -1,4
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 82,4 4,1 -33,4 -30,1
Funding organisations
Universities 578,0 28,9 -0,9 -1,9
Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation 488,2 24,4 -25,1 -6,6
Academy of Finland 415,6 20,8 92,9 26,5
Government research institutes 256,2 12,8 -21,7 -9,4
Other R&D funding 242,8 12,1 11,3 3,0
University central hospitals 21,7 1,1 -9,6 -31,9

Source: Government R&D funding in the state budget 2015, Statistics Finland

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