Charging basis and prices

Statistics Finland produces free and charged data products and services.

All statistical data produced with funding from the state budget are available free of charge on the Internet. In addition, basic information services relating to statistics and several services supporting the use and interpretation of statistics are offered free of charge. The volume of data that are made available free of charge is growing continuously.

Charged services comprise products and services provided in response to special user needs for which a charge is made in accordance with a Decree of the Ministry of Finance.

Statistics Finland's charged activity is steered by the Act (150/1992) and Decree (211/1992) on the Charge Criteria of the State. Based on the Act on the Charge Criteria of the State, the Ministry of Finance has passed a Decree Concerning the Charge Criteria of the Performances of Statistics Finland. The decree specifies the services which Statistics Finland may charge for and which must be provided free of charge.

Free products and services

  • Statistical data intended for general use as self-service on the Internet
  • Guidance and information service tasks of short duration (as a rule lasting under 15 minutes)
  • Lending services of the Library of Statistics with the exception of distance lending services
  • Thematic pages, portals and online services supporting the use and interpretation of statistics

Charged products and services

  • Statistical publications and periodicals with the exception of data releases from individual statistics which are provided as self-service on the Internet
  • Printing and delivery of all publications
  • Surveys as well as statistical and other expert services, such as interview and data collection services, customer training, lecturing and consulting services, and IT services
  • Processing of survey and other data and other related services
  • Register data services, e.g. releases of data from Statistics Finland's Register of Enterprises and Establishments
  • Services from databases for individual customers
  • Usage of Statistics Finland's premises and equipment
  • Copies of death certificates for research and statistical purposes
  • Distance lending services of the Library of Statistics
  • Other products and services comparable with the above, such as photocopies and other hard copies