Library services

The Library of Statistics is a service centre for statistical information that is open to everybody. Within the Library premises customers can use the collections of printed and electronic materials. The archive material can also be studied in the library reading room. The Library's diverse lending, distance, facsimile, guidance and information services are available to all customers. The user of the Library is bound by the rules of the Library of Statistics. You can come and visit the Library or utilise the online services direct from your home computer.

Information service
The information specialists of the Library of Statistics assist in material searching and use in the library. The information service can also be contacted by email or telephone, in which case we will answer to inquiries immediately or within two days at the latest.
Lending service
Lending services can be used by everybody. The Library of Statistics has a library card for home loans. Reference books, periodicals, electronic and archive material can be used within the Library premises. Statistics Finland's publications can be bought at the Library.
Interlibrary loan service
Interlibrary loan service supplies publications and facsimile copies from the Library's own collections to other libraries and orders material from other libraries for its customers.
Chargeable information service
The Library's information service carries out chargeable assignments from data from Finland, different countries and international organisations (UN, OECD) . Agreements are made about paid assignments with the information specialist. The assignments are charged according to the list of service charges.
Guidance in library use and information search
We provide assistance in information search for the use of statistical sources. We present the Library and its services to visitor groups.

Last updated 20.5.2015