Information search

At times, the need for information knows no time or place, which is why the Library of Statistics offers free the following information searching tools that can be used round the clock.

Tilda catalogue database
Tilda contains all the books, series publications, journals and electronic materials in the collections of the Library of Statistics from 1980 onwards. Tilda can be used for information searches and loan renewals.
International statistics
Statistics, database sources, producers and publishers of statistics.
Statistical yearbooks on the internet
Statistical yearbooks are general publications which contain key statistics on society and its development during the past years and decades. Yearbook tables contain source references which can, when necessary, be used to find the original source. Yearbooks have the additional advantage of providing an alphabetical index. Statistical yearbooks from more and more countries have become freely accessible online.
Ask about statistics
If you cannot find the information you are looking for from these sources, you can ask for help from the duty information specialist, who will answer your query within two working days at the latest.
Ask the EU information specialist
The Library of Statistics provides assistance to those needing information on the use of Eurostat's data.

Last updated 11.1.2012