International graphs

International comparison graphs are based on data from Eurostat Main tables and International tables. The statistical graphs can be used to compare Finland's situation with other EU and OECD countries.

Data of each table can be downloaded as HTML and Excel tables. Below the graph there is also a link to the database table from whose data the graph was formed. The database table can be used to choose a longer time series or other variables according to selection.

The international comparison graphs are presented according to the grouping of topics in Official Statistics of Finland (OSF).


Overcrowding rate    


Energy dependence    
Energy intensity of the economy    
Electricity generated from renewable sources    

Prices and Costs

HICP - inflation rate    
Comparative price levels    

Government Finance

General government deficit/surplus    
General government fixed investment    
General government gross debt    
General government net social contributions    

National Accounts

Real GDP per capita, growth rate    
GDP per capita in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS)    
Real GDP growth rate - volume    


Share of imports with the EU28    
Share of exports with the EU28    


Adult participation in learning    
At least upper secondary educational attainment, age group 25-64    

Transport and Tourism

Motorisation rate    

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery

Area under organic farming    

Wages, Salaries and Labour Costs

Average hourly labour costs    
Gender pay gap in unadjusted form    

Social Protection

Expenditure on pensions    
Expenditure on social protection    
Total expenditure on social protection per head of population. ECU/EUR    

Science, Technology and Information Society

Patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO)    
Employment in high- and medium-high technology manufacturing sectors    
Research and development personnel    
Research and development expenditure    

Income and Consumption

Gini coefficient of equivalised disposable income    
People at risk of poverty or social exclusion    
In work at-risk-of-poverty rate    

Labour Market

Employment rate of older workers    
Unemployment rate by age group less than 25 years    
Total employment rate    
Unemployment rate    
Jobless households    


Life expectancy at age 65, males    
Life expectancy at age 65, females    
Healthy life years at age 65, males    
Healthy life years at age 65, females    
Population aged under 15    
Mean age of women at childbirth    
Infant mortality    
Total fertility rate    
Women per 100 men    
Life expectancy at birth, males    
Life expectancy at birth, females    
Healthy life years at birth, males    
Healthy life years at birth, females    
Crude marriage rate    
Crude divorce rate    
Crude birth rate    
Population aged 65 and over    

Environment and Natural Resources

Recycling rate of municipal waste    


Business Demography - Birth rate