Statistics Olympics 2018-2019

Participate in the Olympics with statistical skills! The competition is arranged now for the second time, last time Finland was beyond compare.


The Statistics Olympics are a competition organised for the second time for secondary and upper secondary school pupils, as well as students in upper secondary vocational education. The competition is a fun and inspiring way to learn about statistics. It awakens students’ and teachers’ interest towards actual statistical data and encourages them to apply their statistical skills in practice. Finland’s Statistical Olympics are part of the European Statistical Competition. The national competition has two phases followed by the European final.

The first phase of the competition has multiple-choice questions, and it includes a basic knowledge test and search and interpretation of statistical data. Those qualifying from the first phase carry out a small statistical study. The competition thus tests basic statistical skills and the ability to search, interpret and analyse statistical data. You can participate alone or in groups of two to three people. The registration continues until 31 January 2019.

The winners of the Finnish competition will be awarded with money and products in the gala of the LUMA days in Jyväskylä on 5 to 7 July 2019. A national competition is arranged in 15 European countries. Those who fare best in the national competitions move on to the European final, where students make a short video on a statistical subject.

View the winning videos made by Finns for the previous European final.               

The video made by Ville Majaniemi, Otto Söderman and Eero Pohjola from Pakila secondary school in Helsinki, and the video made by Toivo Rannila, Asla Heiskanen and Olli Hakala from Olari upper secondary school in Espoo.

See also competition flyer (pdf, in Finnish)