Library of Statistics collections

The Library of Statistics has Finland's largest collection of statistics. We have statistics from Finland and Nordic countries, as well as from international organisations. The publications in the collection of the Library of Statistics can be searched in Statistics Finland Finna.

Finnish statistics

The domestic collection of statistics contains the Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) starting from 1856, Statistics Finland’s other statistical production, and the statistics of other public administration. The collections also comprise statistics from several business organisations and trade associations.

Older Finnish statistics have been digitised and they are freely available in the Doria database of the National Library. The digitised material covers the Statistical Yearbooks of Finland, as well as publications of election, population, education and industrial statistics starting from the mid-1850s.

The bibliographies of the Official Statistics of Finland and Statistics Finland’s publications help the user find the correct statistics series.

Statistics Finland’s all databases can be used free of charge in the premises of the Library of Statistics.

Foreign and international statistics

The Library’s printed collections contain Nordic official statistics and general statistical yearbooks from around 30 countries.

The collections also include the statistical publications of Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union, as well as the statistics of key international organisations (UN, OECD, IMF, World Bank, etc.).

The OECDiLibrary web service available at Statistics Finland contains a book collection and periodicals arranged by topic, as well as statistical databases and the IEA's (International Energy Agency) statistical databases. The databases can be used free of charge in the premises of the Library of Statistics.

International sources of statistics, statistical tables and graphics have been collected to Statistics Finland’s web pages.

Books and periodicals

The Library of Statistics has non-fiction mainly in the fields of statistics, national economy and demography. The books can be freely borrowed. Online books can be in the Library of Statistics premises. The reference and availability information for books can be found in Statistics Finland Finna.

The collections of the Library of Statistics contain national and international periodicals, especially concerning statistics, national economy and social sciences. Online periodicals can be read with the customer terminals of the Library of Statistics.

Statistics Finland Finna contains reference information on articles in periodicals published by Statistics Finland starting from 1990. Some of the articles are freely available on the web. The articles are also found in Arto, the reference database of Finnish articles.