Orders and agreements

Individual licence

With a single user licence price the customer gets a personal user ID. The customer is obliged to inform Statistics Finland immediately if there is reason to suspect that the identifiers have fallen into the hands of unauthorised persons.

Organisational licence

The price of the organisational licence is determined on the basis of the whole personnel of the organisation purchasing the service. The calculation criterion is the organisation's entire personnel, not the number of persons using the service direct from the organisation's internal network.

The service is delivered using user authentication based on IP addresses. The service can then be used without a user ID and password in those workstations or sub-networks whose addresses the customer has supplied to Statistics Finland according to the agreement. The customer is obliged to inform Statistics Finland about changes in addresses of terminals or proxy servers and in number of personnel with a possible effect on the price of the service.

Mode of delivery, value added tax and other terms of delivery

The agreements concern continuous subscriptions in force until further notice. The current VAT is added to the price of the service. Statistics Finland reserves the right to change prices. The term of payment is 14 days net. In the years subsequent to the year of subscription the service will be charged in connection with the annual invoicing of Statistics Finland's products and services.

Customers of the Bulletin of Statistics web service with a continuous subscription can cancel their subscription at any time. The customers are liable to inform Statistics Finland about any essential changes in their number of personnel, and the changed number is taken into account in the next invoicing of the web service.

Customers with an individual licence are delivered an ID and password required for using the service.

Customers with an organisational licence have the service connected to their network by user authentication based on IP addresses to the addresses recorded in the agreement. The customer's contact person is given one user ID/password pair for testing the functioning of the service. If the customer with an organisational licence does not have externally visible IP addresses or a sub-network proxy server to whose address the access right can be connected, the customer should get in touch with Statistics Finland's contact persons for using some other procedure.

Implementation of the web service

When an agreement about the service has been made, Statistics Finland will supply the necessary instructions for opening the service in the customer's network and provide contact information about the persons responsible for creating links at Statistics Finland.


The Bulletin of Statistics web service is maintained by the Database team in charge of Statistics Finland's time series databases.
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