Population census statistics

The complete set of statistics on population censuses contains data describing the population structure, families, dwellings and housing conditions, buildings and free-time residences, and employment. The data on population censuses are released according to the release timetable of statistics.

Buildings and free-time residences
The statistics on buildings and free-time residences are produced annually and describe the existing stock and number of buildings and free-time residences on the last day of the year.
Dwellings and housing conditions
The statistics on dwellings and housing conditions are produced annually and describe the existing stock, number of dwellings and housing conditions of household-dwelling units on the last day of the year.
Educational structure of population
The statistics on the educational structure of the population describe the post-comprehensive school educational qualifications and degrees attained by the population aged 15 and over.
Employment statistics are annual statistics providing data by region on the population’s economic activity and employment.
Families are formed at the turn of the year from persons living in the same dwelling according to the population information system of the Population Register Centre.
Population structure
These statistics on the structure of the population describe Finnish and foreign citizens permanently resident in Finland at the turn of the year.
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