Register services

Business Register

  • Addresses and other data on enterprises and establishments (see Data content)
  • The customer's own registers are updated and supplemented, for instance, with data on industry, size category of personnel and turnover.
  • On agreement, the enterprise and establishment data acquired by the customer can be kept up-to-date.
  • We also supply information from Statistics Sweden's Business Register.

Enterprise Group Register

The Enterprise Group Register contains information about group relations (links between parent and subsidiary and parent and associate). Public enterprise group data allow selection of address data on enterprises owned by foreign enterprise groups, for example.

Register of Public Corporations

The Register of Public Corporations contains all central government agencies, municipalities and joint municipal authorities and their establishments. The register includes around 22,000 establishments.

Tailored statistics

Financial statement data

Business activity can also be followed by utilising enterprises' financial statement data. Statistics Finland's financial statement data provide a good image of the activity of the enterprise sector, because they contain data on around 350,000 enterprises.

Statistical surveys and analyses

Tailored surveys from the Business Register data, such as business activity by area, industry and size category.