News 28 Sep 2020

Corona situation report of 25 September 2020:  Upcoming experimental statistics on corona support

In this situation report we collect recent statistical data describing the corona situation and information on the release times of statistics to be published in the coming week. The publication of accelerated weekly statistics will continue for the time being. Statistics Finland's corona report will also be published for the time being.

Selections of recent statistics and articles describing the effects of the corona situation

•    Situation picture of the economy is updated: Sustainability of public finances under pressure (25 September 2020)  (in Finnish)
•    Households’ net financial assets increased strongly in the second quarter of 2020 (25 September 2020)
•    Instant preliminary statistics on bankruptcies: a total of 32 bankruptcies in week 38 (database figures updated on 25 September 2020)
•    Number of deaths per week, until week 37 (database figures updated on 24 September 2020)
•    Retail trade flash estimate: turnover grew by 5.1 per cent year-on-year in August (24 September 2020)
•    Producer prices for manufactured products fell by 4.1 per cent from August last year (24 September 2020)
•    Nights spent by resident tourists decreased by 7 per cent in August 2020 (24 September 2020)
•    Costs of civil engineering works fell in August by 4.6 per cent from one year back (23 September 2020) (in Finnish)
•    Number of passengers at Finnish airports decreased by 86 per cent in August 2020 (24 September 2020)
•    Time will tell whether employment dropped to a new level – corona also poses challenges in seasonal adjustment, blog by Olga Kambur and Minna Wallenius (22 September 2020) (in Finnish)
•    Cubic volume covered by granted building permits continued to decrease (22 September 2020)
•    Employment weakened and unemployment grew in August from one year ago (22 September 2020)
•    Households' saving rate growing in the second quarter (18 September 2020)
•    International trade contracted clearly in the second quarter of 2020 (18 September 2020)
•    Mobile location data describe well the seasonal variation of the population – corona spring is visible in our experiment, says Pasi Piela in his blog (18 September 2020) (in Finnish)

Future statistics describing the corona situation

29 September 2020  Consumer confidence 2020, September
29 September 2020  Prices of dwellings in housing companies 2020, August
30 September 2020  Experimental statistics on corona-related support 2020, 2nd quarter
30 September 2020  Turnover estimate of large enterprise 2020, August
1 October 2020  Rapid preliminary data on number of deaths, until week 38
2 October 2020  Instant preliminary statistics on bankruptcies, until week 39 

This is how to find statistical data on the corona situation

We collect statistics describing the corona situation on Statistics Finland's corona pages. Eurostat’s Covid-19 page also contains much information and data describing the situation on the EU level. Links to the latest weekly statistics on the numbers of bankruptcies and deaths can be found on the page about the effects of corona. News on topical statistics can be found in the news section of our website. 
Statistics Finland's research services continue to cooperate with Helsinki GSE. The situation room reports can be found on the Helsinki GSE website.

For the time being, the Library of Statistics has been closed to visitors. The lending service operates as agreed. 

Statistics Finland’s statistics and services can be found on the pages. The Information Services help in finding statistical information by telephone at +358 29 551 2220 or by email at You can also inquire about statistics with the Ask about statistics form.