News 16 Sep 2020

Energy in Finland 2020 – new pocketbook of energy statistics

Statistics Finland has published a revised pocket-size book, Energy in Finland – Pocketbook 2020. This compact information package contains key statistical data on the field of energy presented as tables, graphs and infographics.

The Energy in Finland publication contains data on, for example, total energy consumption, renewable energy sources, electricity, heating, industry, transport and greenhouse gas emissions. In the publication, Finland's data are compared internationally especially with the EU’s data and energy and climate objectives. Global comparison data are also included.
 Infographics: Total emissions per person in 2018: In Finland, 10.7 tonnes, average for EU28 countries 8.6 tonnes.
Infographics by topic have been produced as a new content in the publication. The infographics highlight interesting changes in different phenomena and data on the largest consumption sectors or key production modes.
 Infographics: Electricity production by energy source in 2019 according to preliminary data: share of renewable energy sources forty-six per cent, share of nuclear power thirty-five per cent and share of hard coal six per cent of electricity production.
The publication is only issued in English.

Energy in Finland – Pocketbook 2020, Statistics Finland. Price EUR 5 (minimum order 10). The publication can be ordered from the customer service of PunaMusta Oy +358 10 2308 365 or

The publication can also be downloaded on Statistics Finland’s website in PDF format.

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