News 18 Feb 2019

Marja Rantala from the National Land Survey of Finland appointed Statistics Finland’s Director of Development

Deputy Director General of the National Land Survey of Finland becomes Statistics Finland’s fixed-term Director of Development at the Standards and Methods Department starting from 18 February 2019. Ms Rantala will be employed at Statistics Finland until the end of 2019.

In addition to the department's supervisory tasks, Ms Rantala's work includes duties related to the implementation of Statistics Finland's new strategy.

Directors on loan

Appointing a fixed-term Director from a partner agency supports the implementation of Statistics Finland’s strategic objectives at the same time as it creates preconditions for ever stronger networking of central government information actors.

“Job rotation at Statistics Finland has mainly taken place on the expert level, but now we also have an opportunity to support the objectives and implementation of the new strategy by director level job rotation,” says Statistics Finland’s Director General Marjo Bruun.

“We are very happy about this cooperation possibility and the reinforcement obtained through it concerning geospatial information and geospatial information policy. The National Land Survey of Finland is a national and international forerunner in these matters.” 

From long-term management tasks to a new administrative sector

Marja Rantala has a 16-year-long career in management positions at the National Land Survey of Finland, and she is eager to take up the challenge set by Statistics Finland. 

“An interesting renewal period is ongoing in the area of data management and information policy, and it is great to see it from the perspective of another information intensive agency and with its information specialists,” says Ms Rantala.