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Minutes (paper)

Monday, September 26 Morning

  • Louis Marc Ducharme: Strategic Vision of the Voorburg Group on Services Statistics for 2005-2008 (paper)
  • Louis Marc Ducharme: UNSC Report on services statistics VG (paper)

Session of Producer Prices for Services

Monday, September 26 Morning
A round table discussion of alternative proposals for adding a quality dimension to the "principal paper" documentation process.

Monday, September 26 Afternoon
The principal paper session.

  • Paul A. Stark: The U.S. Producer Price Index for Couriers (NAICS 492110) (paper)
  • Benoît Buisson: The French SPPI on Labour recruitment and provision of temporary workers (paper)
  • Matthew Berger: Labour Recruitment and Provision of Personnel (PP presentation)
  • Benoît Buisson: Labor Recruitment and Provision of Personnel (PP presentation)
  • Roslyn Swick: Courier services (PP presentation)
  • Peter Roemer: Courier Services (PP presentation)
  • Fred Barzyk: Producer Price Index for Couriers and Messengers (updated) (paper)
  • Tim Clode: Courier services in the UK (paper)
  • Esther Dijkstra: The PPI for Courier Services in the Netherlands (paper)
  • Pedr Garmonsway and Paul Boling: Producer Price Indexes for Postal and Courier Services within Australia (paper)
  • Mical Tareke: Producer Price Index for Courier Services in Sweden (paper)
  • Tim Clode: Labour Recruitment in UK's Corporate Services Price Index (CSPI) (paper)
  • Kiyohito Utsunomiya and Nao Sudo: Labor Recruitment in Japan's CSPI (paper)

Tuesday, September 27 Morning
Issues involved in surveying a number of different industries.

  • Sima Assaf : Service Price Index for Investigation and Security Services (paper)
  • Benoît Buisson: The French SPPI on business and management consultancy (paper)
  • Amy Ciolek & Daryl Williams: Producer Price Indexes for Business Management Services within Australia (paper)
  • Bridget Hamilton-Seymour: The Rail Transport Industry in the New Zealand Producers Price Index (paper)
  • Susanne Lorenz, Astrid Stroh, Peter Roemer: SPPI for Business and Management Consultancy Activities in Germany (paper)
  • William J. Page: The U.S. Producer Price Index for Security Guards and Patrol Services (NAICS 561612) (paper)
  • Craig Richardson : Using the Rail Fares Index to Illustrate Further Developments in Quality Adjusting Service Sector Prices (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Astrid Stroh & Susanne Lorenz: Producer Price Indices for Services, SPPI for Market Research in Germany (paper)
  • Kiyohito Utsunomiya and Kuniko Moriya: Security Services in Japan's CSPI (paper)
  • Francetta Willet: The U.S. Producer Price Index for Line-haul Railroads (NAICS 482111) (paper)
  • Jodi York: Pricing Business and Management Consulting: The New Zealand Experience (paper)
  • Roslyn Swick: Business and Management Consulting (PP presentation)
  • Jari Harjunpää: Security Services (PP presentation)
  • Kuniko Moriya: Railroad - summary paper - (PP presentation)

Tuesday, September 27 Afternoon
Quality adjustment and fitness for use issues.

  • Michael Holdway: Conceptual Issues That Influence Measures of Output and Price Change in the Leasing Industry (paper)
  • Aurél Kenessey, Benoît Buisson, Richard McKenzie: Pricing methods (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Aurél Kenessey: Rental PPI's: quality adjustment for changes in the goods rented (paper)
  • Kiyohito Utsunomiya and Kuniko Moriya: Method of Pricing and Quality Adjustment for the Rental and Leasing Categories of the CSPI in Japan (paper)
  • Roslyn Swick: Leasing services (2nd update) (PP presentation)
  • Kuniko Moriya: Method of Pricing and Quality Adjustment for the "Rental" and "Leasing" Categories of the CSPI (PP presentation)

Tuesday, September 27 Afternoon
The services concepts manual drafted under the auspices of Eurostat and the OECD.

  • Seppo Varjonen, Isabelle Rémond-Tiedrez: Methodological guide for developing producer price indices for services, Draft (paper) (PP presentation) (PP presentation)
  • Seppo Varjonen: Update on OECD-Eurostat Inquiry on National Collection of Services Producer Prices (paper), updated (PP presentation)

Host Day

Wednesday, September 28 Morning

  • Kari Molnar, Director, Prices and Wages: A Short Presentation of Statistics Finland (PP presentation)
  • Ville Koskinen, Senior Statistician: Ideas on feasibility and gains of improving services statistics (updated) (PP presentation)
  • Toni Räikkönen, Manager, IT Development &Ville Vertanen, Senior Statistician: New methods of Electronic Data Reporting: Case Tourism Statistics(updated) (PP presentation)
  • Ville Tolkki, Senior Statistician: Use of administrative and Business Register (BR) data in the compilation of Finnish Structural Business Statistics (SBS) (PP presentation)

Sessions on Turnover by products

Thursday, September 29 Morning
Turnover by products, reports on country accomplishments in the measurement of turnover by detailed products, identifying issues and problems encountered.

  • Benoît Buisson, Colette Héricher: Example of multi-source analysis of IT services (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Benjamin Camus: A statistical review of the analysis of turnover in France (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Eun-Pyo Hong, OECD STESEG Task Force on Services: Compilation Manual for an Index of Service Production, 2nd Draft Version (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Eun-Pyo Hong, OECD STESEG Task Force on Services: Compilation Manual for an Index of Service Production, 2nd Draft Version. Annex (paper)
  • Daniel Lennartsson: Retail trade by detailed product using administrative sources (Swedish food sales statistics) (paper) (PP presentation)
  • John B. Murphy: Testing NAPCS Products in the 2002 Economic Census: Successes and Lessons Learned (paper)

Thursday, September 29 Afternoon
Plans for the measurement of turnover by detailed product in future surveys.

  • Pekka Alajääskö: Turnover by detailed product - Future plan in Structural Business Statistics for EU25s (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Louis Marc Ducharme & Moreno Da Pont: Canada's annual surveys re-design for services: A practical view of the model survey (paper) (PP presentation and an annex)
  • John Murphy, Mark Wallace: Incorporating NAPCS Products in the 2007 Economic Census: Addressing Lessons Learned and Implementing a Coordinated Approach to Improving Economic Data (paper) (PP presentation)


Standard Classifications session

Thursday, September 29 Afternoon

  • Paul Johanis: Information Products in CPC version 2 (paper)
  • Ralf Becker: Changes to services products in the Central Product Classification (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Alice Zoppè: Changes in the classification of service activities in the revised ISIC (paper) (PP presentation)


Strategy Session - Parallel Work Plan for Service Classifications, Input and Output Measures, and Prices

Friday, September 30 Morning

  • Peter Bøegh Nielsen : Development of Services Sector Statistics - at a cross road? (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Enrico Giovannini, William Cave: The Statistical Measurement of Services: Recent Achievements and Remaining Challenges. (paper) (PP presentation)
  • Mark E. Wallace: Future Deliverables for the Voorburg Group: Steps for Expanding and Aligning Work on Services Classifications and the Measurement of Output and Prices (paper), updated (PP presentation)


Additional papers

  • Ju Chuanling: The developing actuality of producer price indices for services of China (paper)
  • Nguyen Thi Lien: Progress report from Statistics Vietnam (paper)

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