Energy in Finland Pocketbook 2019

  • The Energy in Finland Pocketbook provides an overview of energy use in Finland as well as international comparison data. The compact publication includes the newest key data on Finland’s greenhouse gases, energy consumption, exports and imports, for example. The data also have time series describing the development of the energy sector.
  • Main topic: Energy
  • Related to statistics: Production of electricity and heat; Energy use in manufacturing; Energy supply and consumption; Energy prices
  • Date: 2.9.2019
  • Languages: englanti
  • Publication date: Tilastokeskus
  • Official Statistics of Finland: ei
  • Price: 5 euroa
    • Publishing format: pdf
    • ISSN: 2242-9085
    • Publishing format: painettu
    • ISSN: 1457-0491
    • Product number: 3055