Statistics Finland's release calendar

The release calendar lists in advance all the publications to be released over the year. The calendar is updated on weekdays. Data from previous years can be found in the statistical release archive.

New statistical data are published as statistics-specific releases. We publish around 550 such releases per year. The releases are published free of charge on the web in PDF and html format on weekdays at 8 am, unless otherwise indicated. They are available to all users at the same time.

In addition to statistics-specific releases, Statistics Finland issues compilation and topical publications covering several sets of statistics and topics. The standard production is supplemented with studies on various themes and statistical handbooks.

You can receive a notification about Statistics Finland's new publications and other news by email.

More detailed information about publications, events and other topical matters in the near future is available on the News page.

Publication principles for statistics at Statistics Finland

Practices of Statistics Finland when changes are made to statistical data