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22 November   140th Anniversary of Statistics Finland
The Statistical Office of Finland was founded on 4 October 1865, when Finland belonged to imperial Russia as an autonomous Grand Duchy, with a letter sent by the Imperial Finnish Senate in the name of the Emperor. Today, Statistics Finland keeps abreast of the times as an independent producer of information for decision-makers, researchers, the media and ordinary citizens.

26 August   Mobile phone is a basic tool for Finns' everyday life
In Finland voice communication services have largely moved from fixed telephone networks to mobile networks. The use of calls and text messages from mobile phones and the number of mobile phone subscriptions continued to grow last year. The publication Telecommunications in Finland 2004 presents a wide array of information about the telephone culture and changes in it.

26 July   Finances of Statistics Finland in balance
The financial position of Statistics Finland was good in 2004. Revenues from its chargeable activities grew from the year before. Please familiarise yourself with our activity and its results by means of our Annual Report 2004.

26 July   Professional ethics have an important role in statistics
Guidelines on Professional Ethics is a handbook defining the statisticians' obligations to society, respondents, and individuals and communities described in statistics, as well as to customers, funders and the employer.

18 July   Environmental data - basis for sustainable development
It is often thought that harming the environment is the price that has to be paid for increasing economic welfare. However, people's attitudes to environmental matters vary considerably by country.

18 July   Up-to-date since late 19th century
The annual Statistical Yearbook of Finland is an exhaustive reference book on Finland and its people. The Yearbook that is now published by Statistics Finland has been published since 1879.

22 June   Statistics Finland's new English webpages released
The new English webpages of Statistics Finland serve as a portal to statistics, their background and statistics-based services.

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