Press release 30.4.2010

Challenges of the European Statistical System under review at the Q2010 Conference

Statistics Finland and Eurostat will co-host the 2010 European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics to be held at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, from 4 to 6 May 2010. Over 400 statistics experts from 45 different countries have been registered for the Conference.

The European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics deals with topics related to the quality and methodology of statistics production. This time the Conference will focus particularly on the challenges of reorganising the European Statistical System. The 2011 population census is also among the main topics. In 2011 a population census following UN recommendations will be carried out in different parts of the world. In several countries the 2001 census will be made for the first time partly or wholly from register data, which will challenge data collection and processing of data.

On Tuesday 4 May, on the opening day of the Conference, Øysten Olsen, Director General of Statistics Norway, will make a keynote speech on Quality Assurance in the European Statistical System.

On Wednesday 5 May, Professor Carl-Erik Särndal from Sweden will hold a keynote speech. In his address he will view the future of sample surveys and ask whether a traditional sample survey is still a vital method.

On Thursday 6 May, Professor Denise Lievesley from the United Kingdom will make a keynote speech. She will examine the utility of statistical data from the user perspective.

The Conference is open for media representatives.
The Conference Programme and Abstracts of the papers

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