Website renewal

We renewed part of our website on Tuesday, 5 April 2022. On these pages we provide more detailed information on the changes caused by the renewal.

What will change this spring?

We will renew our web pages one section at a time. This spring, the statistics pages changed, that is, the pages you can access under Statistical data in the main navigation on our website.

Screenshot of the main navigation. Home, Statistical data, Metadata, Data collections.

In April we renewed also our release calendar, which provides information about when new data will be published. In addition, we made minor changes to the front page of Statistics Finland's web service.

The renewal affects the use of the StatFin database and the links in it. 

The top and bottom of each page (header and footer) look different than before, but other pages than those listed here will not yet be renewed more extensively.

Minor improvements will be made to the pages published in April in future as well. Our other web pages will be renewed later.

Learn more about the changes