How are the statistics pages renewed?

You access the statistics pages from the new page Statistical data. The new page can be found in the main navigation of our website directly after the home page and it replaces the old page Statistics.

On the Statistical data page you find statistics by topic

The new page Statistical data contains 14 topics describing society. When you click on a topic, you can see the statistics related to that topic.

Screenshot. Topics: Agriculture, forestry and fishery; Culture, media and time use.

Topic grouping of statistics will change

There are dozens of sets of statistics, and to make it easier to find them, the statistics are grouped by topic. The topics include population and energy. In connection with the website renewal, this topic grouping will be revised.

Statistics have previously been grouped under 26 topics so that one set of statistics can belong to only one topic. In future, there will be 14 topics, and one set of statistics may be connected to more than one topic. Thus, after the renewal it is not necessary to know exactly under which topic a particular set of statistics can be found, but the same set of statistics can be found in many places.

The new topics are

  • Housing and construction
  • Digitalisation
  • Energy
  • Prices and consumption
  • National accounts
  • Education and research
  • Culture, media and time use
  • Transport and tourism
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishery
  • Health and social protection
  • Work, wages and livelihood
  • Population and society
  • Environment and nature
  • Enterprises.

Topic pages

The statistics and the most recent publications on the topic in question are compiled on the topic pages, such as Housing and construction. You can easily browse database tables related to the topic on the topic pages.

Statistics pages

Each set of statistics has its own page, as before. From the new statistics pages you can easily access

  • The database tables of the statistics, from which you can select the figures yourself
  • Releases and other publications, in which experts highlight the development of the phenomenon and their observations on new data
  • The documentation of the statistics, that is, a description of the production of the statistics
  • Older data of the statistics published before the website renewal

Future data publication dates and the contact information of the contact person of the statistics are also available on the statistics page.

New data and releases will be updated on the statistics pages according to the release schedule of each set of statistics.

New statistical data

When we release new statistical data, our expert usually writes a release about the main observations in the data. Ready-made tables and figures concerning key observations are also published in connection with the releases.

Screenshot. Tables. See key statistical data in the tables.

Screenshot. Figures. See key statistical data in the figures.

 A list of the database tables that have been updated at the time of release is published on the page of each release. With the database tables you can view the data of the statistics at a more detailed level and select the figures that meet your needs.

Screenshot. Database tables. Database tables related to this release.

A text format release is not published on all new statistical data, but some of the data are published only in the StatFin database. Information about upcoming database releases can be found in the list of future releases and information about updated tables on the statistics pages. Read more about notifications of future release times.

New data are obtained most quickly from the database

When we release new statistical data on weekdays at 8 am, the new data can be found most quickly in the StatFin database tables. The delay in publishing the data on the website is tens of seconds at most. For most users this delay is not significant, but if you need the data particularly fast, we recommend that you retrieve the data through the database interface.

What will happen to earlier statistical data?

The statistical data pages published before the website renewal will be archived and, for example, old links to the pages will function in future as well. The new pages of each set of statistics contain a link to the archive page.

Screenshot. Are you looking for previously published statistical data? The statistical data released before 1.1.2021 can be found on the archive pages of the statistics. Link: "Go to the archive page".

Development work continues

The development of the statistics pages is still ongoing. If a feature you need is not yet available or something needs improvement, work on it may already be underway.