Statistics Finland’s classification of occupations (TK10)

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    • The occupational group according to Statistics Finland's classification of occupations (TK10) must be given with the notification of wage and salary data in the Incomes Register if the income earner is insured against occupational accidents. Users of the Incomes Register data use occupational group data in their own processes as well.

    • Statistics Finland’s classification of occupations (TK10) is based on the national Classification of Occupations 2010.
      All the occupational groups of the classification are in the set of codes up to the 5-digit level. The most detailed level found in the classification is selected to the classification for each occupational code and zeros are added to the end as needed to make the code full five digits long. The TK10 classification differs from the Classification of Occupations 2010 in that the “Unknown” category as well as all occupational groups not in use in Finland are removed from it.

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