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Further information about statistical classifications and open classifications API

Through open classifications API you can find statistical classifications published by Statistics Finland with their metadata and correspondence tables.

The classification information model is based on the international GSIM (Generic Statistical Information Model) standard that is in use in several statistical institutes around the world.

In the information model an individual classification belongs to the classification series.The classification series is formed of different versions of the same classification.For example, the classification series of Occupation is formed of the versions of the Classification of Occupations valid at different times.The classification can belong to only one classification series.

The classification series are classified into classification families according to their topic.For example, the classification series of Occupation is part of the classification group of Person and education.The classification series can belong to only one classification family.

The classification consists of categories.The categories consist of an identifier and a name, such as 5141 Hairdressers and barbers.The same category can appear only once in the classification.

Correspondence tables can be made between classifications, which are known as classification conversion keys.The classification conversion key describes, for example, differences and similarities between two versions used at different times for the same classification.In the classification conversion key a counterpart category is given for the classification category from another classification.

The classifiation information model. The figure is explained in the text.

Classification services


The service returns a list of all classification series or a selected classification series with metadata (Classifications of municipalities). Every classification belongs to one classification series. One classification series can contain several classifications.


The service returns a list of all classifications, metadata of one classification (e.g. Municipality 2018) or metadata of a category within the classification.


The service returns a list of all classification conversion keys, metadata or one classification conversion key (e.g. Municipality 2018 – Region 2018) or counterpart categories.