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Government R&D funding decreases by 5.4 per cent in the budget for 2023

review | Government R&D funding in the state budget 31.12.2023

According to Statistics Finland, appropriations for research and development in the state budget decrease by EUR 133.7 million relative to the budget for 2022. In the state budget for 2023, the total appropriations for research and development activities amount to EUR 2,354.9 million. Government R&D funding accounts for an estimated 0.83 per cent of the gross domestic product and the share of R&D funding in government expenditure excluding debt servicing is around three per cent.

Government R&D funding in EU countries

According to preliminary data for 2021, the share of government R&D funding relative to gross domestic product is 0.75 per cent, on average, in EU countries. In Finland, the share of government R&D funding of GDP is higher than the average EU level.


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Government R&D funding by organisation, preliminary data


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Government R&D funding according to socioeconomic objective (NABS 2007), 2022-2023


Research and development funding for research institutes in the state budget 2023

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