Changes to GWP factors and database tables of the statistics on greenhouse gases on 25 May 2022

A new period begins in the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals. The greenhouse gas inventory data are now used to monitor the attainment of the emission reduction targets according to the EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Package for the period 2021 to 2030. The greenhouse gas inventory data are produced in accordance with the new EU governance regulation, and global warming potential (GWP) factors according to the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) are adopted in reporting. For the time being, Statistics Finland also publishes data with GWP factors according to the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4).

The warming potential of different greenhouse gases is translated into a common measure, i.e. carbon dioxide equivalent, using GWP factors. The GWP(100) factors according to the Fourth Assessment Report are methane 25, nitrous oxide 298 and F-gases, depending on the gas, 12 to 22,800, fifth methane 28, nitrous oxide 265 and F-gases 4 to 23,500.

Changes to database tables

111k Greenhouse gas emissions in Finland (until the end of the 2nd commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol) and 111x Greenhouse gas emissions from Kyoto Protocol LULUCF activities in the second commitment period in Finland

The name of 111k database table according to the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol has been changed. The contents of the database tables remain unchanged (data according to the release of 19 March 2022) unless an international review of the Kyoto Protocol's second commitment period gives rise to recalculations. The database tables are archived after the review in question, probably during 2023. AR4 GWP(100) factors have been used in the calculations.

138v Greenhouse gas emissions in Finland

Data on emissions and removals according to the new period are published in this table starting from May 2022. The table presents the data calculated with AR4 and AR5 GWP (100) factors. The releases and reviews of the statistics present figures according to AR5 GWP(100) factors.

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