Old database tables of the occupational accident statistics are moved to the archive database and new database tables were published in their place

Database tables 11ln, 11lp, 11lr, 11pt, 11px of the occupational accident statistics were moved to the archive database. They were replaced by Tables 129s and 12ay (replacing Tables 11ln and 11lp), 13ql (replacing Table 11pt), 129t (replacing Table 11lr) and 12zz (replacing Table 11px). 

Tables 129s, 12ay and 129t allow data to be presented more widely than in earlier tables. 

Tables 11pt and 11px use the figures of the Labour Force Survey in the numbers of hours worked by wage and salary earners and in the numbers of wage and salary earners. The Labour Force Survey was revised at the beginning of 2021. New Tables 13ql and 12zz contain time series on wage and salary earners' working hours and numbers of wage and salary
earners corrected retrospectively according to the new estimation method and
they are not comparable with data from earlier years. Link to the documentation of the Labour Force Survey.

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