Changes to the database tables of employment statistics

Starting from 16 February 2023, Statistics Finland will start publishing data on workplace self-sufficiency by area in the StatFin database service.

New StatFin database table:

125s -- Workplace self-sufficiency by area, 1987-2021

Self-sufficiency in workplaces indicates the ratio between the number of people working in the area and the employed labour force living in the area. If the ratio exceeds 100%, the number of workplaces in the area is greater than the number of employed people living in the area. If the figure is below 100%, the opposite is true.

In addition, Statistics Finland will start releasing data by sex and area on the 2-digit level of the Standard Industrial Classification (TOL2008).

The changes concern these StatFin database tables:

115h -- Employed labour force in area (workplaces) by area, industry (TOL 2008), sex and year, 2007-2021

115i -- Työlliset alueen, toimialan (TOL 2008), sukupuolen ja vuoden mukaan, 2007-2021

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