Cost index of civil engineering works has been revised

The cost index of civil engineering works has been revised and the new base year is 2020. In this connection, improvement of the rail line was added as a new separate index. In future, maintenance will be used as heading. The bitumen index 2020=100 has been renewed by expanding the number of observations with new data suppliers starting from January 2020.

In the revision, the structure of the index remained unchanged but the weight ratios between sub-indices changed slightly. The weights of foundation and concrete structures both decreased by one percentage point and the weight of municipal engineering systems rose by two percentage points.

The internal weight distributions of the sub-indices and separate indices were revised to correspond to the level of 2020. The weight structures of the index have been calculated by using type contracts and partly by utilising the cost distributions reported by enterprises. The indices with base years 2015=100, 2010=100, 2005=100, 2000=100 and 1990=100 will be continued by chaining.

The new weight structure and methodological description of the cost index of civil engineering works can be found in the documentation of the statistics.

Further information

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Senior Statistician
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