Conference and Methodological Workshop on
"Comparative EU-Statistics on Income and Living Conditions:
Issues and Challenges"

HELSINKI 6-8 November 2006


Statistics Finland
Auditorium - 2nd Floor
Työpajakatu 13
Helsinki, Finland



The event will begin with a Conference, which will start at 9.00 a.m on 6 November and will finish at 13.30 on 7 November.
The Conference will be followed by a Methodological Workshop, which will start after lunch on 7 November.


Since 2005, the new EU data source Community Statistics on Income and Living Conditions covers all 25 European Union (EU) countries as well as several non EU countries. EU-SILC, which replaces the EU-15 European Community Household Panel (ECHP), will soon become the EU reference source for income, poverty and social exclusion. On the one hand, EU-SILC raises some new issues regarding the EU common indicators already in use - especially with regard to the income concept(s) to be used for calculating the income-based indicators (as it follows closely -though not strictly- the recommendations of the Canberra Group and therefore provides detailed information on income components, in both gross and net). On the other hand, EU-SILC should allow to (better) address some policy areas that have not been (satisfactorily) covered to date.


  • Reviewing the EU-SILC instrument in all its dimensions: content, quality, methodology, implementation, access to micro-data...
  • Identifying domains for improvements, taking into account the needs of "institutional" and academic users, and building on other useful national and international experiences.
  • Promoting the exchange of best practices in the various areas concerned.
  • Improving the monitoring of the social situation in the EU, meaning that indicators, comparability among countries and comparability over time will be of key importance throughout the Conference and the workshop.

The Conference and Methodological Workshop can therefore be seen as a concrete follow-up to the plea in favour of further methodological studies and visibility around the EU-SILC instrument, which was made in the independent Report presented at the Luxembourg Presidency Conference on "Taking forward the EU Social Inclusion Process" (Luxembourg, 13-14 June 2005, see http://www.ceps.lu/eu2005_lu/inclusion/).


  • The Conference and Methodological Workshop are a joint event by Eurostat and Statistics Finland. Statistics Finland will host the Conference and the Workshop, and is responsible for the local organisation.
  • The Scientific Committee consists of Tony Atkinson (Oxford University, UK), Michel Glaude (EUROSTAT, European Commission), Markus Jäntti (Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland) and Eric Marlier (CEPS/INSTEAD Research Institute, Luxembourg).
  • The Programming Committee consists of Anne Clémenceau (EUROSTAT, European Commission), Martin Bauer (Statistics Austria), Jean-Marc Museux (EUROSTAT, European Commission), Hannele Sauli (Statistics Finland) and Paloma Seoane (Statistics Spain).

Programme (as PDF format)


  • EUROSTAT: jean-marc.museux@cec.eu.int
  • STATISTICS FINLAND, E-mail: silc@stat.fi

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