Price inquiry for cost indices

Description of the data collection

The price inquiry for cost indices requests for prices of commodities, purchased products and services related to the production of the services of road transport of goods, bus and motor-coach traffic, taxi and ambulance transport and rail transport, and of civil engineering works, earth moving and forest machinery contracts.

Data on commodity prices collected for other indices or obtained with own price inquiries are utilised in the compilation of the cost indices. The data collection is carried out monthly and the deadline for the answers is specific for each data supplier.

The statistics are produced by assignment and the provision of those data is voluntary to the enterprises. The cost index of civil engineering works forms an exception, as there the obligation to provide data is based on the Finnish Statistics Act.

From whom are data collected?

Data are collected from enterprises within the scope of the topic of the cost index concerned. The number of data suppliers is around 250 and the volume of data per data supplier varies.

What are the data used for?

The data are utilised for agreement and tariff negotiations between providers and buyers of services when assessing the price changes in the field. They are also utilised in connection with financial analysis and to support decision-making related to economic policies.

The data from the data collection are used in the following statistics:

Data processing

The Statistics Act obliges Statistics Finland to treat the data as confidential. The data are released as index point figures calculated from a large volume of price data. Prices of individual products or the price behaviour of individual enterprises cannot be identified in the statistics.

How often are data collected?