General information about the data collection

General information about the data collection

The volume index of industrial output is sample statistics whose calculation is based on an inquiry sent to industrial establishments or enterprises operating in Finland. The data suppliers selected to the sample are asked monthly about the production volumes of the commodities produced by the enterprise or alternatively, the value of total output, the value of the produced industrial services and the commercial trading margin.

With respect to enterprises with fewer than 50 employees, Statistics Finland's own data collection is supplemented with data obtained from the Tax Administration's periodic tax return data. In some cases, trade associations give data centrally on several establishments or enterprises.

The inquiry uses an electronic data collection service Statistics Finland - Questionnaires and instructions


The production of the statistics is based on Regulation (EC) No 1165/1998 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning short-term statistics and in Finland the compilation of statistics is steered by the Statistics Act (280/2004). Only the data necessary that are not available from another source are collected from data suppliers. Confidentiality is taken into account when data are published and it is ensured that the data or development of a single enterprise cannot be deduced on the basis of the results.