Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why are data asked by establishment and not directly from the enterprise's central administration?

For many enterprises, it is better to request environmental protection expenditure separately from each establishment. However, the establishment may transfer answering within the enterprise to central administration if it is better suitable for the enterprise's practices. Data on each establishment must be entered separately on a specific form if possible. If this is not possible, an industry-specific aggregate may also be given. Then it must be indicated on the form which establishments the answer in question concerns.

The enterprise/establishment has been sold/closed down. Does the enterprise/establishment still need to answer?

The inquiry requests data for the previous year. If the enterprise/establishment was in operation then and data can be obtained or estimated, you should answer. If there has been operation for only part of the year, the response concerns the time there has been operation. The questionnaire should anyway be sent to Statistics Finland. Where necessary, a short account of the situation of the establishment can be written in the Additional information field.

Can we get more time because the data supplier is on leave or otherwise prevented from answering?

If necessary, you are granted more time.

What is meant by an environmental investment?     

Environmental investments are such investments that intend to protect the environment and reduce the environmental effects caused by the establishment's production. In some cases, only part of investments is environmental protection. A description of a few sentences helps to assess the matter case-specifically at the review phase.

This establishment is an "office" and our establishment has no expenditure from environmental protection.  We need not answer, do we?              

Answer: The sample includes establishments of enterprises in certain industries with all their activities. Head offices are included as they often pay 'general' or 'common' expenses. Service organisations can also have environmental protection expenditure. Most offices have payments related to environmental protection: administrative environmental protection expenditure or at least waste management and waste water charges. If there are no environmental protection expenditure, you can report EUR 0, or tick that item on the form. The questionnaire should in any case be sent to Statistics Finland. Where necessary, a short account of the nature of the establishment can be written in the Additional information field.

Waste water and waste management charges are included in the rent. What should we do?

They can be estimated if possible. If it is not possible, it is enough to tick the squares "Waste management and waste water charges are included in the rent and they cannot be estimated".

Can the electronic form be printed out?

When the data have been sent to Statistics Finland, the electronic form can be printed out by clicking Show sent data. The Print button is at the bottom of the form.

The enterprise has no resources for filling in the inquiry in question? Can we be exempted?   

By virtue of Section 8 of the Statistics Act, data providers have the right to seek exemption from the obligation to provide data wholly or partially if the provision of data causes the respondent unreasonable inconvenience and the exemption will not essentially hamper the production of statistics or weaken the reliability and usability of statistics. Unreasonable inconvenience refers to putting the respondent in an unequal position with regard to other data providers. A small amount of activity is not an acceptable reason not to answer.

The enterprise does not have production, but e.g. subcontracting, repair, service, maintenance. Why have we received the inquiry and do we have to answer?

Enterprises have an obligation to provide data, because you belong to the industry of manufacturing. Manufacturing also includes subcontracting, repair, service, maintenance and so on.