The respondent logs in to Statistics Finland's data collection forms with a user ID and password that are supplied to the respondent in the accompanying letter.

In some collections use can also be made of the identification, the joint identification service for the entire public administration, which enables secure electronic identification. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for the identification.

If the form for the collection of individual-based and household data already has information on the respondent or their household, you can log in to the form only with identification.

For the time being, foreign citizens can log in only with a ID and password pair. identification modes are:

  • Bank identifiers
  • Certificate card
  • Mobile certificate

Statistics Finland's mandate and its specifier in data collections from enterprises and corporations

An enterprise can authorise a person or an enterprise, such as an accounting firm, to respond to the data collection in the authorisation service. The enterprise uses Statistics Finland's mandate to respond to data collections from enterprises and associations

Statistics Finland's instructions and stages in granting mandates (PDF)  

Statistics Finland defines some of the data collections as involving sensitive data. In that case the data collection includes either personal data or sensitive data on economic cycles. Here the enterprise limits the mandate with a specifier, which is the data collection identifier.

In some of the data collections an enterprise can, if it so wishes, limit the authorisation with an establishment specifier to apply to a certain establishment.

Where does the enterprise get access to the mandate and specifier?

The mandate and the possible mandate specifier can be found in the accompanying letter of the data collection, which is also published on the instructions page of the data collection on Statistics Finland's web pages.

Once the enterprise has authorised the respondent in the desired manner, the respondent can log in to the form using

Further information in data collections from enterprises and corporations

  • Annual inquiry on international trade in services and international flows of goods
  • Annual survey on foreign financial assets and liabilities (BOPA)
  • Building cost index
  • Business Register inquiry for multi-establishment enterprises
  • Business Register inquiry for single-establishment enterprises
  • Business services
  • Employment Pension Scheme Quarterly Survey (EPSQ)
  • Energy use in manufacturing
  • Environmental protection expenditure in industry
  • Financial leasing inquiry
  • Financial statements inquiry for enterprises
  • Finnish affiliates abroad
  • Inquiry for industrial establishments
  • Inquiry on establishment structure and personnel
  • Inquiry on manufacturing commodities
  • Inquiry on materials and supplies of manufacturing production
  • Inquiry on new orders in manufacturing
  • Inquiry on volume index of industrial output
  • Inventory inquiry
  • Labour cost index in the private sector
  • Labour Force Survey
  • Price inquiry on natural gas and biogas
  • Price inquiry on producer price indices for manufactured products and services
  • Preliminary financial statements of public entities
  • Production of heat
  • Quarterly inquiry on financial assets and liabilities (BOPQ)
  • Quarterly inquiry on international trade in services and international flows of goods
  • Quarterly statistics on labour costs in the public sector
  • Statistics on goods transport by road
  • The sales inquiry